About PaGIS

PaGIS – Heritage GIS

PaGIS (abbreviation for Památkový GIS = Heritage GIS) is one of the modules (subsystems) of Integrated Heritage Information System (IISPP), which provides the environment in which significant cultural heritage data are collected, interpreted, presented and archived in order to facilitate understanding of the configuration, evolution, condition, and context of heritage sites and objects. PaGIS is based on the object data model with seamless datasets for the whole territory of Czech Republic. The GIS is not only used to inventory and analyze (several thematic maps for ArcGIS Desktop as well as internal and public web mapping projects and applications are available), but it also offers the unique spatial identifiers for other IISPP modules and databases:
– MIS (Meta Informační Systém) – system for the management of the digital and digitalized documentation, that is used also for the storage of the GIS data, that could not be included in the seamless datasets of Czech Republic (integrated with PaGIS since 2007)
– Heritage Catalogue (Památkový Katalog) – list of unmovable and movable cultural monuments, conservation areas and protection zones and inventory of objects and sites of cultural heritage interest (integrated with PaGIS since 2015)
Thanks to unique spatial identifiers the visualization of the Heritage Catalogue records and documentation stored in MIS is possible in GIS map projects and Heritage Catalogue and MIS can benefit from spatial analysis tools of GIS.
The interoperability with other parties and institutions is provided by public web map services and mapping projects (applications), that enable the use of the IISPP spatial identifiers.

National Heritage Institute information systems (past and present):

•1995 – SAS – State archeological register
•1996 – MonumIS/Net – Central register of Czech cultural heritage
•2001/2004 – PaGIS – GIS of protected areas and immovable cultural heritage
•2002 – ISAD – Archeological information system (Significant Archaeological Sites)
•2005 – IISPP – Integrated Heritage Information System
•2007 – MIS – Metainformation system of digital documentation
•2011 – Codebook – dictionaries, thesauruses ¦ Tritius / Carmen – National Heritage Institute libraries and archives
•2014/2015 – Web portal of Integrated Heritage Information System ¦ Heritage Catalogue – Central Register (legal protection status) and Inventory (heritage asset records) ¦ Monument Care Geoportal – Web Mapping Projects and Applications, Map Services and Datasets

Other National Heritage spatial data resources:
Articles – papers and presentations:
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